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Oil Painting

Birger Sandzen
Birger Sandzen
Birger Sandzen
Birger Sandzén, Lindsborg, Kansas, May-July 2017©
Rhythm of Light: Figures & Still Life PDF
Albert Kogel
Life size portrait of painter, Albert Kogel, who posed for me in his studio with his dog. Albert stopped painting to pose then went back to work.
Odyssey-Night Blue Heron
I am interested in painting the forms of birds whether they are elongated for flight, bending their necks to search for food or to observe, extending a wing or wings. Then there is the unending pursuit of color with birds in various environments.
Odyssey-Blue Heron
Ibis © 42"x94" oil/linen
JP Ranch -
Posture #3
Miracle Maxx ...a true story DeAnn Melton & Ellen A. Cook
barn mural Barn Mural & Carlotas Carlotas Mural

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