DeAnn Melton


Phoenix Airport Museum Case display of portraits by DeAnn Melton
Phoenix Airport Museum - August 2013 to February 2014
life size oil portrait of Albert Kogel by DeAnn Melton
life size oil portrait of Gail Wimmer by DeAnn Melton
Albert Kogel © 60"x45" oil/linen
Gail Wimmer © 49"x58" oil/linen

Masters and Lovers

DeAnn Melton's multi-year sojourn into the studio and personal spaces of some of the Southwest's most prominent artists is both revealing and memorial. The majority of her subjects have been artists, collectors, museum curators, or directors-people with a high regard for and connection to the visual arts, hence the title of this exhibition: Masters and Lovers.

Laurie J. Rufe, Director, Roswell Museum and Art Center.

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